round one wrap up post!

Hi, hi, everyone! As you’ve probably seen by now, reveals for round one are up! Additionally, we’ve revealed all the gifts on AO3 (so they’ll have people’s usernames attached to them now), added creator credits to the mix posts on 8tracks, and edited the individual tumblr posts of the gifts to have creator credits to them.

So… yes, you can finally say which gifts you made and claim your works now. We know how much it can suck to not be able to share what you did when you’re excited about it, and thanks so much for your patience, folks. :)

This has been such an amazing first round, and you all made some wonderful gifts — we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to go reblog the gift posts, leave kudos and comments all over the AO3 posts, and generally support everyone who made something for this round because you’re all amazing and so are your works. Thank you all so much for participating and helping spread the rarepair love.

And before we can wrap everything up with a bow, we have just a few last points of business

So… that’s that, and here’s round one with a bow on. Thanks so much to all of you lovely people for participating and making it such a great experience all around. We’ve had a blast, and we hope that it’s been fun for you, too. :)

~twrarepairexchange mods.

Masterlist - Round One Creator Reveals

Slash Pairings:

Femslash Pairings:

Het Pairings:

Polyamory/Multiple Ships/Platonic Ships/It’s Complicated:

Round One Creator Reveals - Slash Pairings

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Round One Creator Reveals - Het Pairings

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Round One Creator Reveals - Femslash Pairings

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Round One Creator Reveals - Polyamory/Multiple Ships/Platonic Ships

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'Haunting, Familiar, Yet I Can't Seem to Place It (Do You Have to Let It Linger?)' for lycanthropique (Scott/Stiles, PG-13)

Title: haunting, familiar, yet i can’t seem to place it (do you have to let it linger?) (pinch hit)
Creator: amorremanet

Recipient:  lycanthropique
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s)/Characters: Scott/Stiles; platonic OTPack, Derek & Scott; background Erica/Kira, Derek/Camden Lahey
Warnings: ableism (internalized & external), mental health issues (anxiety, depression, panic attacks), eating disorders & recovery, references to past abuse & death (Claudia Stilinski, the Hale fire), references to suicidal ideation & self-harm

Summary:  It’s just supposed to be the standard start of term meeting with one of the campus disability services advisors, not an invitation for an old wound to open up again. Scott just wanted to make sure he got early access to his assignments and a designated quiet space to take exams — and it all blows up in his face because of a fidgety, full-lipped boy with purple hair.

AO3 Link:

Title: And We’re Still Chasing Refracted Light (pinch hit)
Creator: blueeyeslahey
Recipient:  thenemeton
Rating: NC-17 (Art), PG-13/R (Ficlets)
Pairing(s)/Characters: Lydia/Isaac, Scott/Lydia/Isaac (pre-full triad) in ficlets, Scott & Isaac; background Derek/Allison, background Scott/Danny 

Warnings: None for art; accompanying ficlets contain references to past assault, abuse and parent loss, and ongoing mental health issues.

Summary:  All this - the stained glass, the church, the white dress and suits, the fairy tale - they belonged in someone else’s life. Lydia had left that life behind on the lacrosse field, leaked out with her blood. Isaac had lost the white picket fence earlier, in the violent crash of metal that took his mother, the bullet fire that ripped his brother away, in the dark of that basement staring at moonlight through air holes. Yet, somehow, here they are. (art + bonus accompanying ficlets)

AO3 Link:

'Hold it Hidden' for lacalled (Scott/Allison, PG)

Title: Hold it Hidden (pinch hit)
Creator: rosewindow
Recipient:  lacalled
Rating: PG
Pairing(s)/Characters: Scott/Allison, Stiles, Lydia
Warnings: references to serial killing

Summary:  FBI Agent Scott McCall hates three things: suits, mingling, and undercover ops. Unfortunately all three collide while he’s investigating a string of serial killings going back two decades. And will he blow his cover for the alluring Ms Allison Argent?

AO3 Link:

'I-S-A-A-C' for mclaheyisms (Scott/Isaac, NC-17)

Title: I-S-A-A-C (pinch hit)
Creator: jacksonclitmore
Recipient:  mclaheyisms
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Characters: Scott/Isaac, Stiles, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski
Warnings: past abuse

Summary: [Set after Unleashed] Derek demands Isaac move out of the loft, and when Isaac refuses, Derek pitches a glass at him. Isaac endures Derek’s abuse for some time, until Scott and Stiles intervene and blackbag him from the loft. But rather than moving into Scott’s house, Isaac moves into Stiles’ closet. The story begins a week after Isaac moves into Stiles’ closet. 

AO3 Link: