Just for clarity, we are allowed to have our friends and people who typically beta our work be our beta for the rare pair exchange. Correct?

Absolutely, yes!

If you (general you) have a friend who can beta read or a regular beta reader or someone who you found independently of our involvement, then that’s absolutely fine and you are more than welcome to use them as a beta. The “twrpe betas” tag is just something that we’re trying to put together for all of the people who don’t have regular beta readers or Teen Wolf fandom friends who can beta for them. It’s absolutely not mandatory to participate in. :)

round two betas, a primer.

Hi hi, folks! We hope you’re all plugging away on your assignments and doing well with that. This post is meant to clear things up on how the beta finding process is going to work, for those of you who need help finding a beta.

To that end and first thing’s first, here’s the quick and dirty on how the beta process is going to work this round: last round’s process wound up being sort of messy and difficult for all involved parties, so instead of a form and a masterpost here, we’re going to be using a tag for beta-finding purposes.

People will post in the "twrpe betas" tag to offer their beta services and people who need betas can shop around the posts to find someone who can work with them. Upon finding a possible beta in the tag, the gift-maker gets in touch with them and starts discussing whether or not the prospective beta can help them. Ideally, this all works out well for everyone, Robert’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and we all get married and go out to dinner.

So, with the quick and dirty established, here are the step by step breakdowns about how to use the “twrpe betas” tag.

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any idea when round 3 would start? i was thinking about entering but i'm about to go back to school so now wouldn't be a great time for me to make a commitment to make something for someone else?

Hi, we don’t have exact dates yet, but probably around the time we had round one last year/start of this - so Nov/Dec sign ups, through February 2015 (final dates will depend on mod!Astrid’s exam schedule since she needs to be free to handle the matching process which is pretty time consuming). 

The ‘How to Post’ Post

Okay guys, a few of you have been asking about this and I want to apologise for the delay in getting it up (uni went back and my free time plummeted).

In any case, here’s a few key points before we break this up depending on what you’re submitting:

  • ABSOLUTELY 100% UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY DO NOT POST YOUR SUBMISSION PUBLICLY. We’re an anon exchange and posts are handled through the blog for several reasons. This has been in the rules and faq since the beginning. Doing so will disqualify your submission.

  • Submitting follows the basic set up of hosting (if neccessary) -> tumblr submission -> email the mods but specifics vary depending on what you’re submitting (fic, edits, etc)

  • Your submission MUST meet the minimum requirements and abide by our rules (obviously) or we will require you to fix it. You can find the requirements here.

  • The submissions box will open beginning of September. If you finish before then just hold on to it.

  • If you want to make bonus gifts for your recipient you’re more than welcome! But you must submit them AFTER your main gift and clearly label them as such. Each gift needs a separate post. 

Alright, so, from this point, things vary depending on the type of gift you’re submitting:

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Hi! I looked through the blog and could not find something to define the R rating. Any idea where I can find that?

Hey there!

No worries, it’s been pretty heavily buried, but there’s an ask here from round one where we talk about the difference between R and NC-17. If that doesn’t answer your question, let us know and we’ll try to clarify further. :)

one quick request, bbs:

Hey, folks — just to clear this up right off the bat: we’re not mad. This is not a mad mod post. This is more of a, “both of the mods have noticed a trend that is both frustrating and exhausting and we’d like to nip it in the bud.”

So, most all of you who’ve gotten back to us about your assignments already are really excited about them and jazzed up to get working on them — and this is great! We’re excited that you’re excited about things and after all the work that mod!Astrid and I put into matching people up (especially mod!Astrid; I really can’t overstate how much work she did on matching for this round), we’re super relieved that most of you seem to like your assignments!

…but a lot of the questions that we’ve gotten in the past 24-36ish hours (both via email and in the ask box here) are things that we’ve already answered in the assignment email, the rules, the FAQthe “all of the assignments are out” post, or in the asks tag because someone else asked it already.

so with that in mind we’re just going to beg you all to please, please, PLEASE read those links over again before you ask us a question.

We generally don’t mind answering your questions, and we really want to be available to you guys for anything we can help with! But there’s almost 140 of you and only two of us, and when you ask us things that we covered in other posts, you’re taking time that we could spend on doing other, bigger things (like passing on correspondence between gift-makers who needed us to ask their recipients questions, trying to find trades for people who need them as quickly as possible, and so on).

If you want a reason why checking the rules, faq, etc. is better for you: if we’ve actually answered your question somewhere else, you’ll get your answer faster if you take a few minutes to go read those links out again than you would if you have to wait an hour or more to get a response from us (which, in a lot of cases, has been a couple sentences and a link to the FAQ).

Again, we’re glad that you’re all excited and we do want to be here for you guys if you have questions. We’re your mods and even when we’re playing tough mod, we’re here to help you and we want to make your experience with the exchange as enjoyable as possible! But right now, in this case? We really need you all to meet us halfway here and at least read the rules and FAQ first.

In mod!Astrid’s words: “Don’t make us implement a ‘we respond to questions already answered in the rules and faq with a Gerard Argent pic and a link’ policy’” — but in closing, and in the hopes of using some more positive motivation, here is a Very Important Gif About Derek Hale:

(x; gif credit)

Thanks in advance, folks — you’re all great, we’re looking forward to seeing what you all create, and again, this isn’t a mad mod post. We’d just really appreciate you guys doing this thing, and it’d ultimately make everything easier for both of us and for you.

~ mod!Kassie (amorremanet).


when will we see a post for how to submit our gifts? or is there already a post of that nature on the blog?

As we said a few hours ago, in this post, there’s going to be a post of that nature going up sometime this weekend.

I (mod!Kassie) thought that it was already up but I couldn’t find it earlier today and I couldn’t find the AIM log of mine and mod!Astrid’s where we worked all of this out — this was our bad for working out the more immediate issues surrounding signups and so on, and forgetting to make that post.

However, we’re going to get that fixed for you guys as soon as possible… which means this weekend because mod!Astrid has pulled serious overtime and gone way above and beyond in the past week or so, trying to get everyone all matched up and then trying to get assignments sent out, and she’s taking a few very well-earned days off from mod stuff.


so sorry to bother you guys but is it ok to add to your request now?? i totally understand if we can't or if it's our fault for not doing that before!! for example triggers you may not have thought of before or a notp/otp you didn't have before???

Hi, hi, nonny, and sorry to keep you waiting on an answer here, especially when this is pretty important. Mod!Astrid and I had to debate it back and forth a bit before coming up with the potential answers here. 

That said, our answer and the short-form gist of this post is this: in general? no, we’ve sent out all of the assignments and we’re not going to accept any further changes to the signup forms or requests now.

The only exception to this flat ban on edits is for new triggers or changes to triggers — literally, this is the only exception that we’re making — and because I (mod!Kassie) am unable to shut up to save my life, all of our rationale is underneath the read more, along with a more detailed explanation of how getting triggers added to your signups now is going to work.

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How long should our fics be?

anon #2 asked: A few questions: Are we allowed to make more than one gift for our assignment? And do we wait until the deadline to post our gifts or…?

As explained in the rules and the FAQ, and followed up on in various other mod posts:

  • The minimum required word count for fics is 1,500 words. You are absolutely allowed to write more than this if you want to, but you must write at least 1,500 words. Furthermore: your fic is not allowed to be a WIP at the time of submission and must be able to stand on its own; and although fics written as bonus gifts can be under 1,500 words and fics can be written as smaller parts of something larger, the main gift must be at least 1,500 words over one fic only (x, xx, x, x)

  • Yes, you are absolutely allowed to make more than one gift for your recipient, but this is not required of anyone either. (x, x)

  • The deadline question is fair enough — I just looked around for an hour and a half, and I actually can’t find a full summary on the blog of how we’re doing the posting thing this round. I can’t find it in the logs of mine and mod!Astrid’s chats about mod stuff on AIM, either, so all I can really give you guys right now is that… no, you don’t wait until the deadline to post your gifts.

    You have until the deadline to post your gifts, but you won’t be posting your gifts to your own tumblrs or anything. All gifts need to be turned in to this blog via the submission box (the /submit one, which will be turned on when it’s closer to the submission deadline but is currently off so we have less of a mess with some people sending mod Q’s via ask, some via submit, and some via fanmail), and anyone who wants to post their gifts to AO3 will need to submit their gifts to the round two collection there as well. You’ll also have to fill out a header about your gift like you did for last round as well.

    Then, once the gifts are submitted here, we’ll be doing the queueing and AO3 reveals, as we did for our last round. We do this to stagger the posting and make sure that the tagging comes out in the most effective way possible.

    And… this is a crap cliff’s notes version of the thing for right now, and I’m sorry for that. Mod!Astrid and I will try to get you guys a better post about how posting and submissions will work, but she’s been working way overtime on mod stuff for the past week with getting matching finished up and assignments mailed out, then we had to clean up the snafu that cropped up this weekend (and cleaning it up was really mostly her brilliance, tbh). So she’s taking a much needed few days off from mod stuff, which means that the “this is how posting and submissions will work” post is not likely to happen until this weekend. (x, x)

Hope this helped clear things up for you!

~mod!Kassie (amorremanet).


All assignments have now been sent out. Please check your email and reply to let us know you’ve received it (and if you HAVEN’T received an assignment and you should have, let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE).

Thank you all for being so patient with the slight delay in getting assignments out. We greatly appreciate it.

Some points, just to clarify:

  • Your assignment may include requests for pairings/tropes you nixed. You absolutely DO NOT have to include these in your gift. (We had large ranges in the combination of ships/tropes that were asked for, and thus couldn’t completely avoid some nixes popping up, but we tried to make sure there were enough of your likes on there that there’d be enough to work with that you’d enjoy as well).

  • While you DO need to keep your recipient’s pairing and trope/kink/theme requests in mind, you do not need to include everything they requested - consider it a buffet and pick your favourites/whatever works for the story. Just bear them in mind while you make it.

  • On the flip side, you may NOT include any of their nixed pairings/characters/tropes/kinks/themes etc. If you absolutely NEED to, please ask the mods and we will contact your recipient to check for you whether they’d be okay with the specific instance.

  • You must focus on at least one of the pairs they asked for, but you do not have to include more than that (but you absolutely, positively can if you want).

  • If you’re unsure about whether or not your recipient would like something, contact their contact person privately to ask. If you do not get a reply, or they did not provide a contact person, contact the mods and we’ll enquire for you. Do not contact them directly, even on anon, as there are several ways to find the sender of an anonymous ask and we would like to preserve the anonymity of the exchange. (Please remember to ask the contact person to reply privately, since not all the people listed are part of the exchange and may not know about the anonymity aspect :))

  • If you are so inspired, you are absolutely 9000% allowed to make more than one gift for your recipient. The sky’s the limit!

  • While we tried our best to get everyone paired up with someone they could work with, we realise that sometimes, a match up just doesn’t work - maybe we got the wrong read on your sheet, maybe the tropes and pairs are fine but the combination doesn’t work for you, maybe you just forgot to list something on your sheet. It happens. If you can work with your sheet, we’d really appreciate it if you could (remember, you can choose to focus on one ship and one trope if you like, you don’t need to include everything on the sheet - it’s just a list of options) but if you absolutely cannot make your sheet work for you, let us know ASAP and we will try and organise a trade. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find someone in your ships willing to trade, however, and the sooner you contact us the more chance there is. All assignments will be finalised on July 29.

Thanks bbs! You’ve all been wonderful so far, and we hope you like your assignments. <3

~twrarepairexchange mods